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G. Mack Zimmerman, II

Estate Planning Practice

High net worth individuals and families have numerous motivations to provide structure and advanced planning for their estates. These motivations stem from family issues, tax exposure, asset protection, or business planning. Families are all different and regularly require specialized planning to address a family’s particular circumstances. They say there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. Estate planning has both in its sights. Uncle Sam is continually on the offense when it comes to collecting taxes and those who fail to properly plan only make his job easier. Our lawyers help individuals and families reduce their exposure to estate and gift taxes in order for them to pass on as much wealth as possible to the next generation.

Many individuals who have amassed wealth during their lifetimes, need not only to protect it from Uncle Sam but also from other individuals who may try to take it from them. This is where asset protection planning comes into play. Legal tools exist that can be used to discourage litigation, encourage settlement of disputes and ultimately protect assets from all types of creditors or litigants. Business owners, physicians, other professionals and anyone with assets exposed to judgment can benefit from asset protection planning.

A key synergy that compels the Zimmerman Firm to offer estate planning services is that relationship between business planning and estate planning. Whether it stems from the overlapping issues of a business and its sole owner or the complicated relationships between partners related to succession planning, or issues critical to shareholders and management in larger companies, estate planning and business planning cross paths constantly.

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